Chloe Nguyen

Digital Marketing + a sprinkle of Web Development

Tell You About Myself

My name is Chloe Nguyen and I like to solve problems.

My formal education in Marketing combined with my interest in Web development makes me perfect for a position that calls for familiarity with both digital marketing strategies and the Web production process.


Obtained B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing


Found niche in Digital Marketing through work experience


Integrated interest in Web development to combine hobby and career

Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle.


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Project Management
Working across departments, collecting requirements and assets, and carrying a project from start to finish are my areas of expertise.
A/B Testing
My experience with this topic includes split testing various elements on emails and landing pages, analyzing results, and then implementing the winning features.
I am familiar with SEO best practices and have implemented SEO tactics before (and I continue to do so in my current position). While it is not my goal to do SEO work as my primary job function, I try to understand the topic as it is a key part in an overall Digital Marketing strategy.
Email Marketing
I QAed and sent emails through MyEmma, ExactTarget, Silverpop, and MailChimp. I didn't dive deep into the world of email analytics, but I know what pieces of data are relevant for understanding the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.
Data Analytics
This is my necessary evil: I don't like numbers and spreadsheets, but I know it's one of the only ways that define a campaign's success. I was "Spreadsheets Queen" early on in my career and I continue to learn about this topic when the Analytics team and I work together to learn about our users.
Social Media
I may dislike the social media topic as much as I dislike Analytics. I know that one must post intriguing content often to gain exposure and followers, but I don't know how to keep up with all of the different social media platforms or the nuances in trying to get more interaction with fans.

Web Development

Using HTML and CSS in my professional life has been limited as I am not confident enough to make large modifications on a high-profile site, nor do I usually have access to the appropriate software. I call Web development a hobby, making sites for myself, friends, and short-term clients. The site you're viewing now was made from an HTML template; I coded my changes to make the site my own.
Project Management
I understand Web development enough to maintain a medium-level technical conversation with devs, but I am not knowledgeable enough to manage their workload.
Analytics Tag Integration
I learned so much about how to tag items through Google Tag Manager that I now never make a site without installing GTM, though I've only touched the surface of its capabilities.
I'm usually the fallback QA department. QA is one of my least favorite tasks. However, I usually understand the business need the best compared to the devs, so I need to make sure the request is fully met. I have never done the full, cross-browser, cross-device, cross-operating system, full-functionality, official QA testing that is performed by professional QA testers.
UX / UI / IA
I think usability is an intriguing topic at first, but it gets boring quickly, so I leave it up to the experts. A well-designed site has a higher probability of sticking around than a site that looks pretty but doesn't function well, so I always try to keep the usability topic in the back of my mind when I start new projects or ask for bug fixes and feature requests.
It's one of my goals to learn JavaScript because sometimes I feel limited in knowing just HTML and CSS. I took a two-part intro to JS class held by Girl Develop It, but that's it.


Los Angeles
University of Southern California
Since 2007
HTML, CSS, MS Office Suite, Basecamp, Trello, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Tag Manager, WordPress, Ingeniux CMS, Redmine, Silverpop, MailChimp, Windows and OS X, Android and iPhone

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